I'm an iOS and Python developer with several years of experience building iOS/macOS apps and their backends.

Particular expertise include:

  • Architecture and type design. I've spoken about Swift good practices at several conferences and have seen many a codebase, all the triumphs, all the losses.
  • Math and graphics. I've implemented research-level algorithms on several occasions, so if your work requires comprehending research papers, I'm your human.

Check out my conference talks to get a sense of my communication style.

Unsolicited praise from a past client:

I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you that I was putting together a demo... to cycle through the various states. The code to accomplish that ended up being so clean and easy to do (way simpler than I thought it would be) and it was all because of your work. I could see that your code was well designed and well executed and the refactoring you did paid off. It was AWESOME.

I have limited contracting hours available until Fall 2018, but I'll say yes to the right project! Feel free to reach out and say hi!